Understanding The Positive Effects Of Video Games

By Stephanie Skinner

Parents are often very concerned for their children. Lifestyles have changed and they now seem to spend a lot of time indoors, instead of in the open air. Fortunately there are also many positive effects of video games, even if it is an indoor activity. A look at some of the benefits may put many anxious minds at ease.

A really good point in favor is that they require participation, and are not just a passive activity. They stimulate thought and challenge the player to succeed. Inter-action like this is to be preferred to passively sitting in front of the TV.

In fact, to do well a player needs really sharp reflexes. Any players quickly learn to respond more quickly for success. Improving response times permits situations to be evaluated and handled more quickly. This can be very useful in many real life situations. Constant practice is a big help. The ability to imagine different outcomes is also extended.

Another significant factor is that eye-hand co-ordination needs to be very good. Gamers are forever enhancing this aspect of their performance through constant practice. Improved motor skills are valuable in many other areas of life. In fact, someone with minimal brain damage could use these games in order to overcome any slight disability in this area. The ability to type quickly and accurately is also enhanced.

Most gamer prefer other live opponents, although they will compete against the computer if the must. This means they learn set up local networks or an Internet connection. Skill in Computers and networking are valuable attributes in the workplace. Most parent are aware that there children are frequently much more familiar with high-tech equipment than they are.

The solution may be not to be overly concerned by the way children are so fascinated by technology. This is part of a natural cycle, where the new generation becomes the master of the things that challenged the previous generation, and will in turn face their own different challenges in adulthood. They could be engaged in far more harmful activities, and the positive effects of video games are providing a platform from which to cope with those new challenges.

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