Choosing A Space Shooter Game To Enjoy

By Casandra D. Cruickshank

The space shooter game genre is one of several popular styles of video games that use the basic concepts of science fiction to create fascinating worlds that entice players. One aspect of the reason why so many designers like to work in the realm of science fiction games is that there is a lot of creative ideas that fit the futuristic world of sci-fi that would not work in other game genres. Game designers are also looking for fresh ideas in the shooter genre by checking out the ideas that are usually kept to role playing adventures and bringing them into their new games. What are some of the stylistic differences that can be noted between shooters and RPG's and what are some of their similarities?

Enemies are battled using handheld weapons like swords and guns in the typical space shooter game that you will play. There are often some very creative and futuristic weapons to be found in sci-fi shooter games, however, since they include amazing fictional technology. Every weapon is designed to have its own advantages and disadvantages, meaning that players have to decide which weapon to use in each battle based on the situations they encounter. Even a strong weapon can be made useless if it is used in the wrong situation, such as a strong ranged weapon when you are fighting several small enemies in close combat.

Character development, which has always been a principle feature of all RPG's, is now being used more regularly in the space shooter game designs. The system of leveling up by means of quests, item gathering, and fighting enemies is getting applied more often to shooter games. You might even be able to upgrade the level of your individual weapons by using them frequently, purchasing upgrades for them, or completing quests.

Even if you start with a rather limited arsenal of weapons in a new shooter game, you can be sure that new equipment will appear soon as you advance through the game. Every weapon is special and may take some time to get used to; some weapons have additional features that might not be immediately obvious and take time to learn.

Design teams are striving to make space shooter game challenges to push even elite gamers to new levels of creativity and excitement. Part of the thrill of these games is learning to overcome new challenges using the inventive weapons found throughout the adventure.

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