Top Sci Fi Game Consoles For All Ages

By Juliette Cruz

The wide interest of people in science fiction has precipitated tremendous upshots with which kids and adults have both enjoyed. The genre first caught on when it was introduced in literature and then to television and film where "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" were the biggest investments. These later on evolved to more suspenseful productions like "Aliens" and "X-Men". And as technological progress metamorphosed the realm of the gaming world, science fiction has become one of the most preferred video game consoles. Here are some of the top sci fi game consoles that have been the best buds of people who are trying to cut the tedium at work and of kids who deliberately find consolation after their long day at school.

Star Wars: X-Wing Alliance - This is designed as a combat game which was chiefly released for gamers during the late 90's yet has still been one of the greatest computer games nowadays. Players are set on certain missions where they are bound to fly fictional space capsules modeled according to the spacecraft in the movie in taking down enemies. This could be enjoyed more particularly in multiplayer mode at which several players could fight against one another rather than their computer-controlled enemies.

Deus Ex - A mash-up of X Files, the Matrix, Blade Runner and cyberpunks where gamers are given darker and grittier missions. Counterparts will be reinforced through setting out different machinery while the players enhance their bodies with nanotechnology. Supplies of cure are insanely costly, so gamers have to gather up greater points for them to get recuperated easily.

Aliens: Colonial Marines - Said to be the greatest in Aliens video game sequel where player fight against titular alien menace. This has first-person shooter that is created in conjunction with the characters seen in the film franchise. This gets players to play in a role of a colonial marine named Corporal Christopher Winter.

BioShock - Another first-person shooter game released for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The game is set in 1960 where the player is put in the role of Jack, a plane crash survivor who is tasked to explore the city of Rapture. He will be surrounded with different mutated beings as well as mechanical drones and has to survive from their menace.

Star Wars 1313 - It is an action-adventure designed in third-person where the player becomes a bounty hunter that navigates the planet Coruscant. This bounty hunter will be traveling the 1313 subterranean level down the underworld. This is said more mature when compared to other Star Wars sequels.

Watch Dogs - An action-adventure series set in the open world where a player can freely roam across the virtual universe. The player here will be developing an ability in hacking several electronic systems. And those will be destroyed eventually.

Mass Effect series - These are role-playing action-packed series where Commander Shepard is the main character a player portrays. Shepard will be set on a mission to save the universe from the Reapers. The Reapers are mechanical beings with fleet hibernating in the extra-galactic dark space.

These are simply some examples of the top sci fi game that any age groups could whoop it up excitingly. One vital reminder to all video console gamers, though. They always have to set virtual reality apart from their real world and be not too hooked on those.

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