Square-Enix new action game, Sleeping Dogs Review

By Alfedo Manoz

Have you ask yourself what it going to be like if you are an undercover cop, go though the dark-side of the big city with the ugly criminal gang. Very well Sleeping Dogs a new game of Squar-Enix will show you lot of serious situation of this.

Surviving in an open world full of repulse criminals isn't precisely one's object in life, but it's a dream come true in gaming life. There are a lot of twists and turns in this game at every single corner making it an interesting to purchase. Sleeping Dogs is run from a 3rd person perspective that can be very exciting.

Here you are Wei Shan an undercover police force, who finds a way into the native gang of criminals. Wei is quickly asked to prove his trustworthiness and has to succeed missions for the 'Water Street Gang' against their foes. This is how the narrative begins and the rest is wait for you to find out yourself!

The battle system is more 'face to face' and it quite unique in the game-play. You have to get a hang of the combos that Wei Shan can uses. Wei is effortlessly able to drive different kind of vehicles and can run, walk, jump, climb and swim. Plus, he's pretty good as a singer when required (you'll find out about that karoake astonish in the game).

You can collect a Experience Point to prove you royalty to a gang or a police as you like. There is a endless rely taking place


The action of the gameplay of this Sleeping Dogs is absolutely delight. No doubt if some moment while you controlling you move yourself a own kung fu style.

The melee combat is invigorating and is ensured to make you thrilled to the core. It has been well drawn up and designed, there is no doubting the sum of time spent on the fights. You are provided with an arsenal of attacks that can be used at the tap of a button.

Being an undercover cop is incredibly interesting, Although partaking in fights that have savage criminals flying to all parts.

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