For Free Games, Gravity Bones Is Number 1 Among The Best Games For PC

By Mickey Jhonny

While there's an undeniable fetish for the new in the game world, that shouldn't distract us from real quality. Being a few years old now changes nothing about the fact that Gravity Bones remains, among free games, the top of the list of best games for PC. This brief standalone game drops the player suddenly into what seems to be some kind of exotic espionage scenario.

There are only two levels and you can play through the entire thing in probably about 20 minutes - at least once you figure out how the heck to get to that fourth bird. It is mission based with a learning arch embedded into the process, which is executed quite cleverly. It comes in a zip file and needs no installation. It requires about 20MB of disk space.

So, what's so great and fun about this game? To begin it's richly experience-based and has a gorgeous aesthetic. Technically it is certainly a first-person game, but that description leaves too much unexplained. You'd almost have to say that this game verges on creating its own genre -- or at least sub-genre. You might call it bossa nova noir!

It does have a story, but delightfully not one of the color-in-the-lines type stories that are so common in today's gaming world. Like a great avant garde film, the story emerges impressionistically and is subject to a whole bunch of interpretation.

Soon as the game begins the player is immediately immersed a Euro-spy ambiance. Right off the mark you're wandering amid elegantly dressed guests at a black tie cocktail party, which is spread out over a series of terraces. The terraces look out over a Swiss style mountain encircled lake. Groovy bossa nova tones accompany you through the assembled partiers. The first mission is already underway.

This first level is a quicker and simpler mission that really serves as a tutorial for the player to learn the game's world and rules. It is quickly completed. The second level is more testing and in some ways interesting -- but no less atmospheric. The mission here is more elaborate and complicated. Now, far from the sunny and broad vistas of the mountainside terrace, we find ourselves travelling through deserted corridors and across exterior catwalks on a stormy night.

I have almost no criticisms of this elegant and compact great little game. The one thing I didn't like though was the clue cards, invariably telling you to head to a furnace room. I could have totally done without those. And, in fact, I did do without them. I simply ignored them and had a lot more fun finding my way about through exploratory trial and error. At most the cards should be optional, I think. My method was loads more fun.

The aesthetics of this game are almost as much fun as the play. Boldly foregoing the usual polygon realism the game conjures up a vivid world of its own that works beautifully with an espionage sensibility that stops just short of being self-mocking. It's maybe ironic without descending into cheesy.

This game is delightful in both it brevity and creativity. It's a real treat that is still our number one choice among free games for the list of best games for PC .

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