Toddlers Gain Great Skills From Online Games

By Sarah Howells

Parents are working harder than ever before to provide for their family. The modern family unit can consist of single or both parents working long hours. This means that we need to find as many opportunities as possible to spend quality time with our kids.

Large families are in the decline because of the population crisis so time spent playing together is limited. Children learn through play so it is still as important as ever to have fun time. You should consider online computer games as an option for providing a way for children to gain new skills.

Interactive computer games help children learn in many ways for example building confidence and fine motor skills. They are also a great introduction into technology paving the way for further learning and perhaps a successful career in the future.

Especially for single parents or time-strapped families, it can be difficult to arrange play dates for their children with suitable kids. Online games can be a good, free alternative to expensive babysitters, giving you time to get jobs done around the house.

The internet has a wealth of great websites with free games ranging from puzzles to action and adventure and word games. The variety in these games offers a child different challenges helping them to build a wide range of skills.

With their colorful graphics and quirky audio, kids are instantly drawn in to another world. Other mediums such as TV and books cannot offer such quick learning as games can. Children learn by performing actions and repetition, which fun games are designed to do.

There are many other benefits of online computer games. Computers increase fine motor skills from using the mouse and keyboard. They teach subconsciously whilst the child is actually getting enjoyment. They also help with hand-eye co-ordination, quicken reflexes and improve logic and problem solving. It has been proven that these skills are more highly developed in children who spend time playing computer games than those who don't.

Online games are designed to be challenging. They bring out a healthy competitive side to a childs personality which builds confidence and success in later life. A good work ethic can be achieved through regular online game playing with the increasing difficulty of games giving the child new challenges and rewarding their patience and perseverance. This is done without damaging self esteem that many other sports, with winners and losers, often do.

Online games of course should be played in moderation, like everything. It can be a positive and helpful aspect of a parents repertoire when included with social interaction, sports and physical exercise, reading, imaginative play and all the other aspects of raising a balanced child.

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